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In the past forty years, we have witnessed a record-breaking rise in hormonal imbalance related illnesses in both women and men. Little is known as to what exactly triggers these changes in both men and women, but environmental pollution and the accumulation of endocrine-disrupting chemicals known as EDCs in the body are thought to be the underlying causes, according to research done by Endocrine Society. 

 Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are toxic chemicals in the environment, 

food sources and personal care products that mimic the body’s hormones and interfere with the way the body’s hormones work. These EDCs have been linked to numerous adverse human health outcomes including infertility, birth defects, abnormalities in sex organs, endometriosis, severe PMS, early puberty, and many more serious health risks including cancer. 

 It is never too early to recognize this issue and make positive changes. At Knours, we’re very serious about making sure every single ingredient is safe and effective. Knours carefully selects our ingredients to ensure our products are free from harmful EDCs.

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